There is a lot of talk about fiber optic internet connections and how much better they are than the traditional options. Until now, most people opted for the cable connection as their residential internet. While it can be fast, there is no denying that cable internet is no longer able to keep up with the mushrooming internet needs of the people. This is where residential fiber internet comes in, which refers to a data connection carried by a cable filled with plastic or glass fibers.

It does not involve the use of copper wires and it more reliable and faster than DSL, or cable internet. Some of the perks that you can enjoy with residential fiber internet are;


First things first, residential fiber internet offers you 10 to 20 times more speed than what you can get through a copper wire. Who does not want a faster internet connection? If you like high speeds, fiber is your answer.


It happens to everyone; you are streaming a movie and it starts buffering, or freezes. This is due to a slow cable internet connection because of a lot of traffic and is a problem you can avoid with residential fiber internet. Fiber optics are capable of handling more data and a greater number of users at higher speeds. In addition, since no energized lines are needed, fiber optic cable is also not prone to outages in the same way as cable internet. As long as the cable remains intact, you will not have any outage complaints.

Same download and upload speed

Another common problem with cable internet is that your download and upload speeds vary. Upload speeds, in particular, tend to be on the slower side and this can be very frustrating. The good thing about residential fiber internet is that the difference in upload and download speeds just goes out of the window. Fiber optic internet providers offer equal speeds for both because there are no worries about overloading the system. This makes it easier to work from home, as you can share files, do video calls and more.

Better game play

If you are looking for an internet connection to engage in online gaming, there is no better option that a fiber optic connection. It is not because gaming requires a lot of bandwidth because streaming takes a lot more, but the difference is in the consistency. Even if there is a small hiccup in the internet connection, it can ruin your gameplay and this often happens in DSL and cable connections. You will not have the same problems with residential fiber internet because the flow of data is constant and smooth.

Multiple devices

These days, there are multiple devices that need an internet connection within a home simultaneously, from laptops to smartphones to IoT devices like thermostats and smart locks. This is another area where a fiber connection is better because it offers a steady signal and can be connected with several devices. The best part is that it can handle the load without breaking down.

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